Charlize Theron Says She’s Dodging Plastic Surgery


Actress Charlize Theron says she’s avoiding the temptation to fight the years with plastic surgery.

The star of blockbuster film “Snow White and the Huntsman” says she’s comfortable with the aging process she sees in the mirror–for the moment.

“I can’t foresee myself ever going under the knife, but then again, I’m only in my mid-thirties,” she told Interview magazine. “Maybe it’s different when you’re in your mid-sixties.”

Theron says despite her aversion to going under the knife, she’s not afraid to reach for anti-aging cream to stop the effects of time. She says Hollywood can exert an enormous amount of pressure on actors over their appearance, and occasionally she has doubts about where she’ll be in thirty years and how it will change her view of plastic surgery.

“I’m not brave enough to be like, ‘You know what? I’m just going to let it happen. Whatever. I’m so cool with every line on my face,’” she says.

Theron credits her mother with instilling in her the notion that there’s more to the person than what can be seen in the mirror or in a photograph. “[My] achievements all had to come from a real place that had nothing to do with my beauty or how I looked.”

Source: New York Daily News; Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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