Chanel LeBlanc Offers Skin Care Option

Chanel Offers Skin Care Options

Chanel LeBlanc, one of the world’s most respected cosmetic labels, is offering products designed to lighten and even the skin tone.

The creams incorporate pearl protein and licorice extracts and are tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Fresh Brightening Foam Cleanser ($60) is designed to clean and purify the skin while offering a soft and bright appearance. The cleanser can be augmented with the Brightening Moisture Lotion ($68), which further hydrates the skin.

The Brightening Concentrate Continuous Action ($195) gives the skin more of the TXC molecule and also offers more of the pearl protein. By balancing the levels of melanin in the skin, the product gives the skin an even appearance.

There is also a Brightening Moisturizing Cream ($130) that can help with blemishes and dark spots.

Lighten up.

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