Cellulaze Laser Treatment Could be New Cellulite Antidote

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First things first: cellulite a process where fat rises to the surface and gives the skin a dimpled appearance. This is considered a gender marker, as it appears due to the presence of the female hormone estrogen. Cellulite first shows around puberty, when estrogen levels increase. While not confirmed, it is believed that septae hardens and pulls down on the skin, giving it the dimpled appearance when in conjunction with the female body’s natural fat storage.

A new process called Cellulaze specifically targets the septae beneath the skin, effectively removing it so that the dimples disappear. By vaporizing the fat beneath the septae, skin can thicken, which is a good thing in terms of health and general appearance. Once the septae is severed, it will not grow back in the pattern that causes cellulite dimpling. The treatment, while invasive, allows patients to return to work the next day, although they will have to wear special clothing for up to two weeks while the body heals.

Soreness can take up to two weeks to go away. Patients can often see results as soon as the soreness goes away, although it can take longer in some cases, ranging up to six months. The procedure produces long-term results, with patients having seen no reoccurrence of cellulite even up to three years after the initial procedure.

Source: MSN
Photo: Dr-Petti.com

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