Cell Phone, Instant Messaging, and Texting Addiction Driven by Same Traits


Researchers categorize cell phone addiction as feeling at a loss without a phone, checking it compulsively, and using your phone to feel good about yourself. New research by Baylor and Seton Hall University found that materialism and impulsivity are correlated with higher levels of cell phone dependence. The study questioned 191 college students. It is not yet clear if the dependence on cell phone use is for the phone, or the additional games, internet, and media accessible from smart phones. While many may call obsessive cell phone use a teen bad habit, other research has shown that it may be a phenomenon that has spread to the population at large.

Most Americans admit to checking their phone once an hour, and feeling panicked if they lost their phone. The fear has a name, nomophobia, or fear of being unable to contact people using a mobile phone. Time magazine revealed that 84% of people would not feel comfortable being without their phone for a day. Further research is required to determine if fear of being without Facebook access on your smartphone has a name.

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