Carmel Laboratories Presents Easeamine Anti-Aging Skincare Line


Brother Dennis Wyrzykowski, chairman and founder of Carmel Laboratories, has just announced the launch of the Easeamine skincare line for women. The line, targeting ladies ages 35 and up, includes five different products all designed to help combat the effects of aging.

Wyrzykowski’s innovative line includes toner, cleaner, and day, night and eye creams. The two centerpiece products of the Easeamine line are the day and night creams. Composed of adenosine, hydrators and moisturizers that are enriched with Vitamins A, C and E, the creams reduce puffiness, crow’s feet and diminish dark circles around the eyes. These creams also help fight the appearance of tight skin.

The products were designed by scientist James G. Dobson Jr., a cardiovascular researcher at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Adenosin-based skin technology is clinically tested and proven to have a significant impact on skin repair. The University of Massachusetts has granted Carmel Labs exclusive licensing to their product.

None of the Easeamine products include parabens, preservatives, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, colors or dyes.

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