Breakfast Blunders that Pack on Pounds


While most people understand that skipping breakfast is a no-no while dieting, many do not realize the hidden weight loss dangers built into the most important meal of the day. Dr. Lisa Davis, Vice President of Scientific and Clinical Affairs at Medifast, dishes about the top fifteen mistakes people make when eating in the morning.

  1. When you’re tempted by breakfast pastries or doughnuts, take a moment to remember your weight loss goals and revalue which is more important – meeting them, or the fleeting taste of crumb topping?
  2. Instead of drinking juice, eat the fruit it came from. This avoids overloading on calories, and frontloads your daily calories with a dose of fiber to help keep you full all day long.
  3. Choose a healthy protein packed food for breakfast like nonfat yogurt, or a lean breakfast meat with egg whites.
  4. Avoid any sugary breakfast option, including cereal. It will cause a spike in blood sugar leading to an energy crash and early cravings for lunch.
  5. Factor coffee into your diet. It is a natural way to increase your energy.
  6. Just be sure to drink coffee with lowfat milk instead of sugar and calorie filled frozen drinks. Try taking out one extra each cup until you are down to a health amount of add-ons. First give up sugar, then trade cream for 2% milk.
  7. Keep healthy snacks on hand so that when you do get hungry you are not tempted to reach for a candy bar from the vending machine.
  8. Consume one serving of whole grains, fruits or vegetables, and low-fat protein in your first meal of the day. Just be sure to choose low calorie options so you do not exceed your daily goal.
  9. If you need to pick up a snack on the run, opt for a high protein one like peanuts that will keep you full longer. Ideally, run to a store that carries non-fat, sugar-free yogurt, fresh fruit or another low-fat, high protein dairy item like string cheese.
  10.  Prepare ahead to choose healthy options at a breakfast buffet or weekend brunch. Start your meal with fresh fruit or salmon, and stay away from breakfast pastries and cocktails made with juice.
  11. Follow Davis’s own personal mantra, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”
  12. Only eat breakfast bars when you are in a real pinch. They pack lots of calories and sugar, while whole grain bread folded in half with peanut butter is a much healthier, and also portable option.
  13. Try to avoid drinking alcohol with breakfast to gain nourishment from food instead of empty calories from alcohol.
  14. Never skip breakfast. Even if you’re not hungry, have a slice of toast with tea to keep your metabolism revved for the day.
  15. Drink lots of water to rehydrate after sleep and help you feel full and satisfied.

Source courtesy of Shape. Image courtesy of Batter & Beat.

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