Brazilian Plastic Surgeons Offer the Poor Free Beauty Procedures and Plastic Surgery


Despite climbing unemployment rates in Brazil, the poor are making out okay. As the second largest consumer country of plastic surgery, there are so many certified doctors in Brazil that quite a few of them are offering impoverished citizens access to otherwise unobtainable services.This move is supported by many of the doctors in the region and comes with a wide range of benefits, including improved self-esteem and the ability to acquire jobs that rely on physical appearance.

How is the world responding? Some in certain ethnic communities believe such services should be accessible to the general public, as it heightens chances for cultural-based relationships and marriages to be formed. In Buffalo, New York, there is a trend supporting the concept for free plastic surgery, although this has come with mixed opinions on whether the practice is suitable; 3,400 teachers are eligible for various plastic surgery procedures. While the teachers have loved having the access to the operations, taxpayers and the school board have protested against the inclusion of cosmetic surgery as a part of the health insurance plan. The school board offered to spare 100 jobs if the union would agree to a new insurance plan, but the teachers opted for the layoffs in order to keep their current plan.

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