Brava Offers New Option for Breast Augmentation

Brava Creates New Options Breast Enhancement
Brava Bra Helps Success Rate for Breast Fat Transplants

A new device may offer a better success rate for women who desire fuller breasts using fat injections instead of implants.

The Brava is a bra-like device used before and after the introduction of fat cells into the breast. It was invented by Dr. Roger Khouri of the Miami Breast Center.

Before the introduction of fat cells, the device induces a light suction on the breast in order to expand and make room for the fat. The fat cells are taken from the patient during a liposuction procedure.

“In a small breast, there’s no room to cram a lot of fat cells,” Khouri explained. “People historically have tried to stuff it and the capacity is not there. If you crowd [the cells], they all die and you’ll fail. The graft won’t survive.”

A study in this month’s issue of the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery showed that women who used the Brava before and after fat injections had a higher success rate than women who didn’t use the device. Of 81 women who underwent fat injections, the 71 who used the Brava before and after surgery had larger breasts and a better survival rate for the implanted fat cells.

The drawback: the process is more time consuming than implants to achieve results. Patients must wear the Brava for four weeks prior to surgery and then for a couple of days after as well.