Botox May Offer Relief for Stroke and Cerebral Palsy Patients

Researchers Find New Application for Botox

Cosmetic surgery staple Botox may have another use, this time for patients with serious muscular disorders.

The drug has long been used to temporarily weaken or paralyze facial muscles in procedures performed by plastic surgeons, but now the drug is showing promise with stroke survivors and cerebral palsy patients.

The principle works the same, but it is applied on a different part of the body. By using the drug, therapists are able to work with patients more on improving their range of motion issues. It also helps patients by alleviating muscle spasms that often come after a stroke or as a result of cerebral palsy.

This new breakthrough is the latest in a range of applications being explored for Botox. The FDA has already approved its use as a treatment for migraines, and it is being researched as a treatment for asthma as well.

Source:  American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery



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