Body Sculpting Perfected: The PowerX Lipo System


The PowerX Lipo System, a new power-assisted liposuction apparatus from Sound Surgical Technologies, utilizes a hand piece that initiates the cannula to rotate based on a predetermined angle and speed settings. Physicians can work to quickly de-bulk large areas of fat while the unique rotational motion generated by the system and multiple user settings enable complete control during the procedure to reduce aspiration time and physician fatigue.

The technology also offers several key advantages over other liposuction devices on the market, like allowing physicians to remove fatty tissue all the way around the cannula, rather than just above or below the orifice with the rotational motion of the cannula. It has minimal vibration compared to other power-assisted devices and the vented hand piece provides constant, uninterrupted suction to prevent tube clogging. The suction process has also been sped up, reducing trauma to the fat cells (a benefit if they are needed for additional fat grafting procedures).

A wide range of settings allows the physician to customize the system to any body contouring application, from placid, superficial work to more assertive large volume fat removal. The PowerX Lipo System also works with all standard disposables and the treatment is virtually painless, decreasing client recovery time.