Biggest Diet Trends of 2013 and Predictions for 2014


This year there were many up and coming haute diet trends you may have tried out, but not to worry, the new year is bringing some new trendy elements to try out and incorporate into your new year’s resolution


Although only 1 in 133 Americans are actually gluten-intolerant, in 2013 the country saw a serious rise in the amount of restaurant patrons requesting gluten-free menus and the amount of celiac-friendly recipes appearing all over the internet.

Elimination Diets

It seemed as if in 2013, everyone was avoiding a different, oftentimes random, element of most diets. Whether it is carbs, added sugars, preservatives, white flour or corn, people often resorted to completely ruling out whatever they deemed harmful to consume.

Organic Food

Researchers are constantly quarreling over whether or not organic foods are worth their merit, however, it cannot be denied that consumers and dieters have taken to organic foods in a big way. USDA-certified organic food assures buyers that their produce and meat are void of any synthetic pesticides or herbicides, GMOs, antibiotics or growth hormones. Regardless of why, reports that 58 percent of chefs now choose recipes in which they can incorporate organic ingredients.

What’s to come in 2014:

Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet will be the new Gluten-Free Diet this coming year. Popularly referred to as the “caveman diet”, referencing the Paleolithic era, it features a common diet of wild plants and animals before the existence of agriculture and grain-based diets. The premise of this diet is that human genetics are not a great deal different than those in paleo-times, therefore we should not overload our systems with artificially processed material, but give the body what it was meant to consume; expect paleo-friendly items to pop up on menus in the coming year.


To many of our delights, tea consumption will be on the rise in 2014. Hailed as the most globally-friendly beverage, and often praised for health benefits, all types of tea are becoming more available. With Starbucks and Teavana’s partnership to open their first Tea Bar, it may start becoming as commonplace as coffee.

Pea Protein

Peas are going to be a great protein alternative as opposed to egg and dairy protein, because it is known to provide a higher level of satiety among consumers. Plant-based eating has driven manufacturers to create products using plant-based proteins. Keep an eye out for the rise of energy bars that are gluten and dairy-free using pea crisps, green pea flour, and dried split peas next year.

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