Beauty Tips and Tricks Celebrities Use


Celebrities always seem to look perfect; no lipstick on the teeth, glowing skin and their clothes are always in the right place. Here’s how:

Using dry shampoo gives a Marisa Miller-like vibe to tousled locks. Using dry shampoo on freshly-cleaned tresses especially gives thin
hair extra volume. Dry shampoos are easily
available and are the perfect fix for when you don’t have time to wash your hair.

Wig adhesives are also a must for every woman – and not for faux hair. Peel off
one side of the adhesive and place it over the skin where you want to
secure your clothes. Peel off the other adhesive strip and lock your
top into place. No embarrassing reveals, no slipping during
critical moments.

Beauty tips come a dime a dozen, but these are sure to produce stunning results. Lash curling is a popular trend that helps give volume and depth to
eyes. By moving eyelashes away from the eye, it draws attention to the
eye and enhances beauty. Using cosmetic highlighter is an easy way to give contrast and
contour to the nose. By drawing light to the center of the face, it
gives the entire face a whole new dynamic. Applying Vaseline on eyelashes before bed can restore moisture and give them a
thicker, healthier appearance while 
lip scrubbers prevent the appearance of chapped lips.

Understanding your skin type is the first step to keeping your body
looking perfect. Get help from a good dermatologist to find out what
skin type you have; just check out the Haute MD Rolodex for one in your area.

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