Base Gym Miami: Another Kind Of Work Out

Relaxing on the Base Gym Rooftop

Base Gym: Another Kind Of Work Out

Helpful Advice From Chad Ingram, Strength and Conditioning Coach For Base Gym Miami

Everyone who has started a new exercise program realized pretty quickly that muscles can get really sore. You’ve finally gotten a trainer but now you’re going to also need a good body work therapist. Here at Base Gym we use Thai yoga massage as our main in-house therapy tool. Stretching an achy body hurts. Thai yoga allows you to lay back and have the therapist do all the work. Sometimes our clients feel just too beat to workout so we offer a hands-on stretching session. Even if you don’t do a real workout, coming to the gym is an important habit to keep. This way you don’t miss workouts when dinner turns into dinner and drinks and more drinks late night. This is Miami, and we understand that happens but we want you to come even if you’re super sore, or just nursing a hangover.


For more information visit:


Chad Ingram

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Base Gym Miami

Phone: 305 763 8699

23rd St & Liberty Ave., 3rd Floor

Miami Beach, FL 33139

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