Vegan Diets Keep Skin Glowing

vegan diets

Lots of celebrities have jumped on the vegan diet bandwagon, but are you ready to make the leap? What if we said balanced vegan diets could help you better your complexion? Whether you’ve been a diehard vegan for years or are ready to explore alternative eating habits, recent studies have shown that veganism can help you keep your skin healthy and clear.

It seems that eating meat has associations with inflammation, can contribute to breakouts and can also increase your risk for cardiovascular disease, Dairy may also cause acne due to high levels of hormones in the milk we regularly consume.

Still, in general, vegan diets aren’t the absolute answer for flawless skin. To eliminate dairy and meat means nothing unless you are replacing those foods with different kinds of calories. In order to reap potential benefits of eliminating dairy and meat, you need to make sure you’re replacing them with nutrient-packed calories like fruits and veggies. Fruits and veggies are both packed with water, helping to hydrate your body regularly.

Photo courtesy of The Atlantic

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