April Q & A with Facelift Expert Dr. Milind Ambe, MD


tells us his approach to customer satisfaction and how he prepares his patients for facelifts.

  • What is your approach to customer satisfaction?

Always treat patients as you would want to be treated and/or as family.

  • What characteristics separate a great doctor from a good one?

Attention to detail and listening to patients’ expectations are qualities of a great doctor.

  • How do you keep abreast of the latest advances and techniques in face/cosmetic medicine?

I stay informed by attending annual meetings and by reading publications.

  • How should patients prepare for a facelift procedure?

I have a detailed comprehensive protocol for our patients who are scheduled for a facelift procedure. I see them at a pre-op appointment two weeks prior to their scheduled surgery in the office to review surgery preparations, medical clearances, labs, E.K.G., etc.

French Canadian born, Dr. Milind Ambe moved from Montreal, Canada with his family to Southern California when he was two years old. Dr. Ambe was brought up in a family of scientists and musicians, both of which ultimately served to shape his professional career. With all five of his family members being musicians, Dr. Ambe was exposed to the piano at a very early age, and he ultimately went on to become an accomplished concert pianist in his teenage years. Interestingly, as all family members were doctors as well, when it came time for Dr. Ambe to choose a vocation, he ultimately made the choice of pursuing a career in medicine instead of music.

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