Apply Antioxidants to Skin Before Bed for Best Results


At night, while you are sleeping, is when your body takes the time to repair itself, and any flaws in damaged skin cells. A by-product of this immune system response is the production of free radicals from the healing process. The natural healing of the skin can produce even more free-radicals than exposure to the sun’s UV rays or pollutants such as cigarette smoke.

Antioxidants including reservatrol, green tea, or vitamin C work to neutralize these unstable oxygen molecules. Daytime moisturizers contain sunscreen that helps to prevent the damage sunlight or smoke during the day, and notably some antioxidants like vitamin C are deactivated when exposed to light and air. The best time to apply these types of serums and creams is at night when your skin produces its own free radicals, and the outside environment will not break down the antioxidants that fight them.

Source courtesy of NY Magazine, The Cut. Image courtesy of Skinceuticals.

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