Anti-Aging Cream Complete with ‘Space Diamonds’

celestial cream cnet

Beauty company 111 Skin claims its newest anti-aging cream is made from black diamond particles formed in space. Let’s admit it, we’re interested. Celestial Black Diamond Night Cream may actually be a miracle from out of this world.

A fusion of groundbreaking medical research, anti-aging properties, and these so-called ‘space diamonds,’ the $900 cream is said to help stimulate cell regeneration and revive your glowing complexion. When asked, Skin’s reps told CNET that while they won’t divulge the source for these particles, they are “microspheres that penetrate the deeper dermal layerof the skin in order to transport three essential youth restoring ingredients: patent-pending NAC Y2 formula, Collagen type I and III and Hyaluronic acid.”

Dr. Tarlev and Dr. Popov of Skin 111 are known for a keen interest in discovering and experimenting with ingredients from space and deep sea. They’ve even developed supplements for astronauts!

We’re not sure what to think when creators say this innovative anti-aging cream’s secret ingredient is “believed to have been formed in space,” but it’s definitely an exciting idea for the world of beauty.

Photo courtesy of CNET

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