All About Botox


The popular minimally invasive procedure has given hundreds of thousands of Americans smoother, younger-looking faces. Regardless of the volume of individuals interested in and experienced with Botox, many do not know what’s in the syringe nor how it works.

Botox is, and was dubbed after, the poison botulinum toxin. In less concentrated volumes, the substance loses its dangerous qualities and becomes the ideal tool for aesthetic procedures like this one.

Botox prompts paralysis, which relaxes muscles. Relaxing the muscles means not allowing them to fully change with each gesture, resulting in a lack of wrinkles. For example, if the forehead muscle is relaxed, the skin won’t wrinkle when it contracts.

Relaxed muscles means less movement in the face, an effect that should be considered by patients. Botox also relaxes existent wrinkles, like those on the lips and the neck. It is minimally invasive. However, the results are temporary. As time wears on the skin Botox may stop being as effective.

Always be sure to see a certified doctor when in the market for these procedures. Mistakes can lead to total muscle paralysis; if the injection goes in too close to the eyes, it enables the ability of one to raise their eyebrows.


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