A Year of Growth: Dr. Gabriel Chiu and his practice, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Look Ahead to 2012

dr gabriel chiu

With a passion for helping people both physically and mentally, Dr. Gabriel Chiu and his practice, . are expanding to enrich the lives of many more in the year ahead.

What do you see as your practice’s greatest success in 2012?
Unprecedented community involvement, from the practice/business as well as from each of our employees individually. At the core of our business philosophy is transforming, enriching lives. Naturally, we aim to do this through surgical, non-surgical, and corrective treatments that realize one’s true inner beauty. We are so proud of the company and our employees for taking that philosophy one step further, and getting involved in enriching patients’ lives by contributing to the patients’ community. donates time and resources to charities in arts, music, culture, and in medical research.

What do you see as some of the biggest opportunities in the coming year ahead?
We’re excited to be doubling our staff in 2013, in order to keep up with accelerated growth. We’re also thrilled to be expanding our range of services provided to include anti-aging therapy, regenerative medicine, and advanced weight loss therapy.

What new techniques and/or technology will have the greatest impact in your specialty for 2013?
Regenerative medicine, including hormone replacement therapy, HCG diet, and stem cell treatments will be increasingly sought after in 2013. As we age, our hormone levels decrease (testosterone decreases for men and women undergo menopause). Hormone replacement therapy will restore hormone levels to those of a 30 year old (or even younger), which will make one feel younger and over time, can make him/her look younger. It involves regular injections of HCG while on a 500 calorie diet and close monitoring by a specially trained health care professional. Stem cell treatments are growing fast, and its applications in the anti-aging arena prove to be successful and increasingly popular.

What is it about how you conduct your practice that sets you apart from the rest of the field?
I am known for my candid and truthful recommendations, customized for each patient. I spend an unsurpassed amount of time with each patient, and see the enhancement process as a collaborative experience. I am not afraid to turn a patient away, should he/she not be a good candidate for a particular procedure. I am also willing to refer to another physician should the procedure not be in my realm of expertise, or should I feel that another surgeon would/could offer a more suitable solution. The team here at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery is trained in a concierge-approach to client relations. It is always about doing what’s best for the patient – in the long run, and making sure the patient enjoys each step of the way.

What are the most important questions a client should ask themselves before selecting a doctor in your specialty?

Aside from the basic questions to ensure that a surgeon is highly-qualified, superiorly trained, and exceptionally experienced, the more introspective questions a patient should ask him/herself could be:

a)      How well do I communicate with the doctor? Does he seem to ‘get’ or listen/understand what I say? Does he speak with me, or at me? Does he genuinely care about me? Is he accessible after surgery? Does he have an ‘eye’ for beauty?

b)      How well do I communicate with the staff? Do they seem competent? Do they care?

c)       Does the doctor have a lot of (hundreds, if not thousands) before and after photos of similar patients having the same surgeries?

d)      Am I able to speak with any previous patients (who’ve had the procedure I’m considering)?

e)      Probably the most important introspective question to ask is: would I trust this doctor to perform a life or death surgery on my mother, father, sister/brother, best friend? People always want the very best for those they care most about, but sometimes shortchange themselves. Everyone deserves and should have the best when it comes to medical/surgical procedures and care.

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