A Year in Diet and Fitness Trends: 2012

Fitness Trends

Every year, a new fad diet, or fitness craze emerges and takes over as many look for a get-thin-quick strategy without having to put in the time at the gym or the effort of controlling diet. Fit Sugar rounded up a list of the top 9 fitness trends seen in 2012.

  1. Diet Pills: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved two diet pills in 2012, Qsymia and Belviq, and other supplements popped up claiming magical weight loss. The most popular were raspberry ketone extract and green coffee bean extract, whose effectiveness was rated moderate at best in clinical studies.
  2. Barre Fitness Classes: Classes combining basic ballet dance moves with yoga, cardio, pilates, and weights guaranteed a toned dancer’s physique without starring in a performance of The Nutcracker.
  3. Color Runs: The latest in the ever-popular 5k race is the competition in which runners are doused in colored powders throughout the course, reaching the finish line a rainbow of pigment.
  4. Freshly Pressed Juice: Following the 2011 juice cleanse trend, freshly pressed juices became available more widely in West Coast Starbucks, Dean & Deluca shops, and Whole Foods.
  5. Pinspiration: Social media platforms including Pinterest and Instagram exploded with images of healthy meals, support from fellow dieters, and motivational quotes splashed across pretty backdrops.
  6. Indoor Cycling Studios: While spinning classes have been offered for a long time at gymnasiums around the country, may tired of fighting for a spot on a bike, and turned instead to studios devoted specifically to cycling including SoulCycle, FlyWheel, Revolve, and The Studio.
  7. Fitness Trackers: Companies improved fitness tracking technology allowing you to monitor calories burned, steps walked, and even the quality of sleep with a more attractive bracelet look than was previously available.
  8. Alcohol Free Happy Hours: Classes emerged during 2012 to give participants the social feeling of a bar or club while staying fit instead of sabotaging diets with high calorie alcoholic drinks and snacks. Gyms and boutique studios began to offer yoga raves or Saturday night workouts to remind their clientele that exercise can be fun.
  9. CrossFit: CrossFit workouts, made popular by Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper, combine strength and conditioning exercises to torch calories and promote all over fitness.

Which ones did you or someone you know try on for size?

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