A New Option For Women Who Love Their High Heels


As high heels have climbed higher, comfort has gotten lower.

Trendsetting celebrities have been sporting heels nearing seven inches, and the trickle down effect has impacted women trying to keep up with the high altitude fad.

Sporting Himalayan-sized heels for the walk on the red carpet or a brief photo op isn’t a challenge, but wearing them all day in the real world can be a tall order. For women who can’t resist, there are surgical options to make the fashionable heels more comfortable, and they’re taking advantage.

New research shows cosmetic procedures on the feet have doubled in the last year, and inquiries into dermal injections into the toe pads are up 21 percent. In just 20 minutes a filler can be injected into the toe pads to create more cushion and eliminate some of the burning and foot fatigue that goes with high heels.

Collagen in the skin under the toes breaks down over time and the injections help to fill out the skin and fluff the pillows underneath aching feet. There’s only mild side effects to the procedure, and they tend to wear off after about 48 hours.