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Impact of Exercise on Hair and Skin


Most people understand the connection between a fit body and exercise. The more time you log on the treadmill, the stronger your muscles will be. Yet many do not understand how staying active can impact beauty. Bella Sugar put together a 5 question quiz to […]

2013 Beauty, Health and Fitness Trends


Vogue magazine assessed the top ten beauty, health, and fitness trends that everyone is bound to be buzzing about until 2014 rolls around. The first is beauty products that glow- in the dark, or in black light. Glow in the dark tape decorated the hair […]

Women May Skip Exercising to Preserve Hair

exercise and hair

Recent research published in the Archives of Dermatology determined that statistically, 2 in every 5 African American women may avoid exercising to avoid doing damage to their hair. Dermatologist, Amy McMichael M.D. pioneered the study, as senior researcher at Wake Forest University School of Medicine […]

“Formaldehyde-Free” Brazilian Blowouts Still Contain the Chemical


Last year, the Brazilian blowout hair treatment swept the nation with popularity for it’s unparalleled ability to straighten curly hair. Then it underwent an epic fall from grace, when it was found to contain formaldehyde, a dangerous chemical that can cause neurological disorders from repeated […]

Laser Treatments Offer Cost-Effective Cosmetic Surgery Option

Lasers offer an inexpensive way to enhance appearance.

For people looking for a way to enhance their appearance through medicine, cost can sometimes be a limiting factor. Instead, laser treatments can offer an effective treatment for many patients without the cost of more invasive surgical procedures. Not only is the cost a little […]

Kathie Lee and Hoda Undergo Plastic Surgery Live on ‘Today’


The Today Show featured a very different type of show on Thursday when Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb underwent plastic surgery live on television. For a special episode titled “Needles, Knives or Nothing: Kathie Lee and Hoda’s Guide To Getting Work Done,” the ladies were […]