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Dr. Gloria Ospina Talks Top Objectives and Motivators

dr. gloria ospina

When first starting your practice, what was your top objective? How does that objective live on today? My top priority is and always has been patient comfort. Many patients have expressed that before coming to , they postponed treatment due to anxiety. I want you […]

Prevent Teeth Stains with Well-Timed Brushing


Though your first instinct after drinking a dark beverage may be to clean it off your teeth right away, hold that toothbrush. When you drink something that with a high acid content, it can cause erosion that makes teeth more prone to staining. While common […]

2013 Beauty, Health and Fitness Trends


Vogue magazine assessed the top ten beauty, health, and fitness trends that everyone is bound to be buzzing about until 2014 rolls around. The first is beauty products that glow- in the dark, or in black light. Glow in the dark tape decorated the hair […]