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March Q & A with Dr. Babak Azizzadeh


talks to Haute MD about his prolific surgical career, as well as what it takes to be a great doctor. What is your approach to customer satisfaction? Even though cosmetic surgery can sometimes be subjective, I truly want to have a 100% customer satisfaction rate […]

March Q & A with Refractive Surgeon Dr. James J. Salz


talks to Haute MD about the values his practice practices. What is your approach to customer satisfaction? The customer is always right, even when you are sure they are wrong. What characteristics separate a great doctor from a good one? A great doctor has patience […]

Hand Rejuvenation: The Final Touch to Restoring Youth


One of the newest trends growing within the 50-plus-age range is hand rejuvenation, performed to restore the appearance of weathered, wrinkled hands. In a process that borrows methodology from facelifts, eyelifts and breast enhancements, the hands are restored to a plumper—and therefore more youthful—appearance. There […]

Chemical Peel Perks


For immediate results that will resurface and improve the health and look of your skin, a medical in-spa epidermal peel is the way to go. With no downtime involved, the peels help reduce fine lines, even out skin tone, reduce acne scars and overall, refresh […]

French Actress Emmanuelle Beart Speaks out on Plastic Surgery


Several Hollywood stars have made the decision to go under the knife, and while many emerge rejuvenated and satisfied, others don’t see the results they were expecting. Emmanuelle Beart experienced the latter, and she’s spreading the word to create awareness. After years of plastic surgery […]