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Octavia Spencer’s Post-Oscar Plans: Plastic Surgery


Octavia Spencer, known for her role as Minny Jackson in The Help, plans to follow up her Oscar night with a post-ceremony breast lift. Spencer, now into her forties, said she wants her breasts back where they were when she was 17. “Oh definitely [I’ll […]

Take Care of Your Hair


As we age, our bodies stop absorbing minerals and vitamins, which in turn causes our hair to stop producing as much keratin (the protein that makes it strong and healthy). Luckily, there are a few ways you can defy nature and help keep your hair […]

Surgery Trend: Jet Set Surgery


Medical travel has always been enticing because the cost of the procedure in a foreign location could be up to a third less than the price of the same procedure in the United States. The newest plastic surgery getaways are taking it to the next […]

New Technology Looks Promising for Silicone Gel Breast Implant Monitoring


High-resolution ultrasound is on it’s way to becoming the new screening and diagnostic method for imaging silicone gel breast implants. A recent study shows that portable, high-resolution, surgeon-operated ultrasounds may have certain advantages over the traditional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) when screening for implant failures. […]

February Q & A with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Charles Hsu


tells us about breast augmentation surgery, from what to expect to his most memorable success stories. How frequently do you perform breast augmentation? Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures that I do. I’d say that every week we do several of them! […]

How Qualified is your Plastic Surgeon?


We live in a society that presumes certain things when it comes to doctors. We ask questions, we look at reviews and we talk about their histories, but rarely do we question their board certification. Many times, patients just assume the government takes care of […]