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December Q & A With Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Kevin B. Sands


Dr. Kevin B. Sands talks to Haute MD about what’s to come in 2012. What’s the most popular procedure for you at this time of year? Veneers. Veneers are the most popular procedure for me year round and at the holiday time I continue to be very busy with them, doing 3-4 per day. What […]

Risky French PIP Implants Cause Alarm Around the World

Plastic surgeon Boucq displays a silicone gel breast implant manufactured by French company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) in a clinic in Nice

Women with French Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) silicon gel implants are encouraged to seek medical attention to detect leaking and be evaluated for possible removal. Jean-Claude Mas, founder of PIP, admitted to using non-authorized silicon gel that resulted in high rupture rates. In 2010, Venezuelan officials discontinued sales of PIP implants. Now, women in Venezuela […]

Cynosure’s Smartlipo TriPlex Takes Lipo to a New Level


Cynosure, leading developer and manufacturer of medical treatment systems, has been trusted in a global capacity for two decades. As a result, doctors have welcomed the brand’s latest generation of workstations, Smartlipo TriPlex. A multiplex triple wavelength laser lipolysis workstation, it has three wavelength capabilities: 1064 nm, 1320 nm and 1440 nm. According to Cynosure, […]

Kaeria EURL Plastic Surgery Simulator App Shows you the Possibilities

Kaeria EURL Plastic Surgery Simulator App Shows you the Possibilities

Plastic surgeons like Haute MD’s Dr. Tiffany McCormack use advanced technology to give patients a glimpse at what they’d look like post-surgery. Now it doesn’t require a degree to see the before-and-after, just a smartphone. Kaeria EURL in Paris, France released a smartphone app that allows people to alter a photo of them to reflect […]

Ulthera Ultrasound Technology is the Surgery-free Facelift


Ulthera Ultrasound Facelift technology gives people the opportunity to achieve the effects of a facelift without undergoing the surgery. Ulthera technology uses ultrasound energy to achieve the same outcome as a surgical facelift. Thermal energy heats the tissue lining the muscles of the face, making the tissue contract. The result is a toned, tightened look. […]

I Spy a Contact Lens with Info-streaming Technology

streaming Technology

In her most recent entry for the San Francisco Vision Health Examiner, the Haute MD Network’s Dr. Ella Faktorovich told readers about the newest technology in contact lenses: the bionic eye. Scientists at the University of Washington have discovered a way to bring the concept of info-vision streaming to life. The creation: a contact lens […]

This Seasons Guilty Pleasure: HoneyBell Body Buffer


This season’s guilty pleasure is surprising because it isn’t the normal jewels, cars or designer couture; it isn’t even a gift someone else buys you. It is a gift most people buy under a pair of large designer sunglasses. One of the hottest items being restocked in Neiman Marcus and Harrods London is a gift […]