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Horseshoe Crab’s Blood Prove Life Saving


Medical hygiene has come a long way from unsanitary conditions and equipment, thanks in part to the blue blood of the horseshoe crab. Each year, over 600,000 crabs donate about 30% of their blood to medical science. Horseshoe crabs have a unique defense system in […]

Stroke Patients Face Altered Moral Judgment According to New Study


A new study conducted by scientists in Buenos Aires discovered stroke victims could see changes in their moral compass. The research claims there is a link between stroke and a change in how patients think about mistakes and intentions. The researchers found strokes affecting the […]

British Researchers Claim E-Cigarettes Could Save Lives


Researchers are now contending that electronic cigarettes might actually save lives. A research team from University London College claim vaping could help save the lives of 6,000 smokers each year for every million smokers. The British researchers argue that the public health community has been […]

Researchers Claim Poor Sleep Health Could Be Shrinking Your Brain


A recent study published in an issue of Neurology claims not getting enough sleep might actually be shrinking your brain. Researchers examined 147 adults aged 20 to 84 to come up with the findings. Through MRI scans and questionnaires, the researchers determined those with sleep […]

Study Points Out How Quickly Viruses Spread at the Workplace


New research points to the office door handle as being the main reason why infections spread in the workforce. The study revealed about 60 percent of employees who touched an infected door handle carried the infection for 120 minutes. Experts advise those working in an […]

Health Officials Warn of The Dangers of the Enterovirus


Health officials are warning the population about the enterovirus, a rare virus that begins like the common cold but quickly morphs into a serious health problem. So far, 1,000 children across 11 states have come down with the enterovirus. Known officially as enterovirus 68, the […]