Chipotle Announces Removal of GMOs From Ingredients


The safety over genetically modified foods has reached a popular Mexican chain, Chipotle. The restaurant announced that it was working on no longer using ingredients that have GMOs, genetically modified organisms. The company cited medical concerns for the decision, stressing a commitment to only using […]

Cannabis Pharmacy Opens Its Doors in the UK


The UK now has a cannabis style pharmacy. Located just south west of London in the town of Twickenham, the shop offers health and beauty products composed of the hemp plant. The cannabis pharmacy, the first of its kind in Britain, is the idea of […]

Lung Cancer Drug From Cuba Could Arrive Stateside Soon


With U.S. relations to Cuba beginning to grow, Americans could benefit from the arrival of a Cuban-born lung cancer vaccine called Cimavax. The vaccine first came on to the scene in Cuba to help lung cancer patients. The U.S. could see the arrival of the […]

Liberia Deemed Free of Ebola


The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Ebola dead in Liberia. The country saw more than 4,000 people die to the disease. Liberia has been deemed free of Ebola as there has not been a new case of the disease in 42 days. The epidemic […]

FDA Gives Green Light on Drug To Help with Double Chins


The FDA has given the green light on a new drug that boasts of getting rid of a double chin without surgery. Kybella comes in the form of an injectable liquid, which helps the body absorb fat. Kybella functions similar to deoxycholic acid in that […]

Researchers Claim Sitting Could Be Fatal


Sitting is a common practice for most people throughout their days, from driving to working in an office. However, a new study claims being so sedentary could be killing you. The study in the Annals of Internal Medicine claims that sitting increases a person’s chances […]