New Exercise Routine Combines Music and Yoga

Haute MD Music Yoga

A new workout is sweeping the nation, pegged as nada yoga. The practice incorporates yoga and music into one workout routine. Founder of the studio I.AM.YOU, Lauren Imparato explains nada yoga as an ancient practice. Imparato sums up the goal of the practice as an act of musical meditation for the mind and body. Nada […]

Microsoft Revamps Xbox with Xbox Fitness Portal


Microsoft has developed a fitness outlet to appeal to the gaming community (and, of course, those who dabble). The company’s Xbox One features the reinvented Xbox Fitness section, and the portal features a number of fitness programs made available through the Xbox One. Xbox Fitness is looking to succeed by bringing in big name fitness brands […]

Lisa Marie Presley Divulges Her Weight Loss Secrets


Lisa Marie Presley has revealed how she dropped around 20 pounds. The daughter of Elvis Presley has been following a simple weight-loss plan in which she consumes low-carb, organic foods. She also suggests those looking to emulate her results to practice portion control. Presley explains she only eats half of what is on her plate […]

New Fitness Trend Borrows On U.S. Navy SEAL Training Techniques

Haute MD Navy SEALS

Fitness experts are seeing a new trend forming: exercising as the U.S. Navy SEAL’s do! The special operations force is known for its rigorous workout techniques, and many are looking to their training for inspiration. The workout is not for the casual person looking to lose a few pounds. It focuses on both mental and […]

New Study Finds Mediterranean Diet Can Lessen the Risk of Diabetes

Haute MD Med Diet

A new study has found a Mediterranean diet might help lower the risk of diabetes, especially for those who are at risk for heart disease. Researchers analyzed 19 studies over the span of 5.5 years on average and included more than 162,000 people to come to their findings. A Mediterranean diet features plenty of fish, […]