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New Research Claims Bread Isn’t Really All That Bad For a Diet


A new study conducted with the help of Australian women is debunking the myth that bread causes weight gain. Health experts point out that by consuming the right breads, dieters can reap the health benefits such as better digestive health, sustained energy and better heart, […]

Jellybean Sized Camera Pill Tracks Down Stomach Problems

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Doctors are now using a remote-controlled camera pill to make diagnoses on stomach issues. The device will detect problems such as ulcers. The technology is not new. However, it is the first that doctors can actually guide. The MiroCam-Navi is the size of a jellybean. […]

Eye Infections Increase Due to Online Contact Lens Marketplaces


Eye expert are seeing a rise in eye infections due to contact lens wearers buying contacts over the Internet without a prescription. A number of foreign website sell contact lenses without a prescription. Professor John Dart of Moorfields Eye Hospital in London states that cases […]

Salt Cave Opens in Maryland in Hopes of Helping Allergy Sufferers


The first salt cave in Maryland has opened up in Bethesda. The cave claims to help those suffering from allergies and asthma. The space comprises of Himalayan salt rock crystals. The substance is free of pollutants and is naturally antibacterial. The Maryland cave also features […]

Horseshoe Crab’s Blood Prove Life Saving


Medical hygiene has come a long way from unsanitary conditions and equipment, thanks in part to the blue blood of the horseshoe crab. Each year, over 600,000 crabs donate about 30% of their blood to medical science. Horseshoe crabs have a unique defense system in […]

Stroke Patients Face Altered Moral Judgment According to New Study


A new study conducted by scientists in Buenos Aires discovered stroke victims could see changes in their moral compass. The research claims there is a link between stroke and a change in how patients think about mistakes and intentions. The researchers found strokes affecting the […]