Research Points Out How a Person’s Home Can Affect Health


When a person wants to make changes to their health, usually the last place one would think to change is the contents of their home. However, new research points out how areas in a home can affect a person’s health adversely. For example, insomniacs and […]

New Study Associates Breastfeeding with Higher Intelligence


Breastfeeding has previously been proven to help infants fend of infectious diseases and even reduce mortality rates. However, a new study is lending even more reason for mother’s to breastfeed, showing it can be associated with a smarter child. Previous studies have found breastfeeding increases […]

Scientists Test Out Telescope Contact Lens To Help The Blind


Scientists are working on smart contact lenses, ones that could magnify vision up to three times. The lenses use a thin telescope, lending a decidedly magnified viewpoint. The contact lens measures 1.55mm thick due to the incorporation of mirrors and filters. As light enters the […]

Doctor Questions The Harmful Side Effects of Popular Statin


New claims have surfaced that a popular statin might be increasing the risk of diabetes. One doctor is stressing that the powerful statin rosuvastatin could also be lending to high rates of bad side effects. Founder and senior adviser on the US Public Citizen’s Health […]