Doctors Experiment with Ebola Treatments


Medical teams are experimenting with new treatments to help fight against Ebola. The two nurses from Dallas currently fighting Ebola have been given experimental treatments. Experimenting on Ebola patients isn’t new. Assistant commissioner for counter-terrorism policy for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Luciana […]

Researchers Want Exercise Information on Food and Drink Labels


Scientists want to place exercise information on the packaging of foods and drinks in addition to calorific data. Health experts believe the information would be more meaningful and useful to those looking to watch what they eat and drink. In the case of a 500ml […]

Researchers Uncover Relationship Between Coffee and DNA


Your coffee addiction could be genetic. A study has uncovered six new genetic variants that could have a say in how much coffee a person consumes. Researchers pinpointed six regions of human DNA linked to coffee drinking. The data would explain such behaviors as one […]

Scientists Have Developed a Way to Grow Penises in a Lab


Scientists have come up with a way to grow penises. Researchers expect the new technology to be tested on humans within five years. The medical development would mean men who have had a serious injury to that organ, cancer or those suffering from a congenital […]