New Study Singles Out The Taste of Fat


Researchers believe that people might not have a sixth sense but rather a sixth taste for fattening foods. Joining the list of tastes like sweet, salty and sour, researchers are adding another taste, oleogustus. Scientists out of Purdue University carried out a small study in […]

New Facelift Promises Results with No Surgery or Scarring


A new type of facelift claims to lend a full facelift without swelling or surgery. The new procedure out of Spain also boasts of being less expensive than similar treatments. The procedure requires roughly two to three hours and utilizes four techniques. The MesoPlasty Lift […]

Common Painkillers Might Carry Increased Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke


Common pain relievers like Motrin IB, Celebrex and Aleve are coming under fire for a believed increased risk of heart attack and stroke. The Food and Drug Administration warns people that in even small amounts, nonaspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs could have negative consequences on health. […]

New Study Claims Bodies Aren’t Getting Enough Vitamin D


A new study conducted by U.S. scientists is shedding light on all of those cautions about staying away from the sun. Researchers believe that in countries with low solar intensity, the general population could actually be at risk for health problems. Published in the “Journal […]

Health Experts Warn of the Dangers of the Western Diet


As the developing world continues to experience rapid urbanization, more and more health experts are cautioning people about the dangers of the Western diet. David Tilman, professor of Ecology at the University of Minnesota explains how the world is turning toward more calories and meat, […]