Fertility Clinics Implore New Techniques to Find the Healthiest Embryo


Fertility clinics are now using chromosomal testing to select the healthiest embryo. Many are now testing given embryos for chromosomal abnormalities while selecting the one that is the most healthy to be transferred to the uterus. In the past, embryos have been selected merely by looking at its shape under a microscope. Clinics are now […]

Study Finds Organic Produce Has More Antioxidants and Less Pesticides


A comprehensive review of studies has revealed organic produce lends more antioxidants and fewer pesticides. The studies found organic produce had higher levels of antioxidants than those of conventionally grown produce. The research also discovered organic produce had fewer pesticides. Carlo Leifert, a professor of ecological agriculture at Newcastle University in England carried out the […]

New Stem Cell Trials Could Mean a Cure for Broken Hearts


Heart attacks were once believed to cause permanent damage to the heart. However, new studies are showing an infusion of stem cells might help rebuild damaged hearts in heart attack survivors. Many heart attack survivors face damage to their heart’s pumping ability. As a result heart failure is more of a risk. Dr. Eduardo Marban […]

Smallpox Vials Found in Maryland Lab


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has uncovered vials of the virus that causes smallpox in a research building for the National Institute of Heath. The discovery is worrisome as the building was unequipped and unapproved to handle the deadly virus. The smallpox virus is only allowed in two labs in the world, one […]

New York Legalizes Medical Marijuana


New York has become the twenty-third state to legalize medical marijuana. The bill was given the approval by the State Assembly and Senate in June. New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo made the measure legal by signing the Compassionate Care Act at a news conference. The act will permit doctors to prescribe non-smoking forms of […]

Deadly Virus Takes a Bite Out of the Pork Industry


A deadly virus is threatening the pork industry. Porcine epidemic diarrhea, also referred to as PEDv, is thought to have already taken the lives of more than 100,000 piglets and young hogs per week since it first appeared in May of 2013. The virus first showed up in Iowa and is now increasing the price […]