Researchers Uncover Relationship Between Coffee and DNA


Your coffee addiction could be genetic. A study has uncovered six new genetic variants that could have a say in how much coffee a person consumes. Researchers pinpointed six regions of human DNA linked to coffee drinking. The data would explain such behaviors as one […]

Scientists Have Developed a Way to Grow Penises in a Lab


Scientists have come up with a way to grow penises. Researchers expect the new technology to be tested on humans within five years. The medical development would mean men who have had a serious injury to that organ, cancer or those suffering from a congenital […]

Obesity Linked To Increased Risk of Cancer


Many Americans are know how being overweight can increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. However, less than 10% recognize how cancer can also be at play when someone is overweight. Health experts point to obesity as a major contributor to the growing cancer […]

Scientists Forecast Spread of Ebola Across The Globe


Scientists fear the deadly Ebola virus could spread and infect people from the U.S. to China in as little time as three weeks. U.S. researchers are predicting a 50 per cent chance of a traveler with Ebola coming to the UK by October 24. Scientists […]

New Breast Cancer Treatment Extends Patient’s Survival Time


A new drug is extending the lives of breast cancer patients. In a clinical trail, a drug called Perjeta from Roche coupled with the drug Herceptin and chemotherapy lent patients with HER2 positive breast cancer 15.7 months longer to live when compared to just Herceptin […]