Experts Come Up with a Way to Forecast the Flu


Infectious disease experts at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health have come up with a way to predict when the flu might hit your town. Similar to predicting the weather, the researchers are forecasting the flu before it hits. Most current models mapping the […]

New Study Finds Home Cooking Might Not Be So Healthy


A new study is calling into question the benefits of home cooked meals. Researchers from Rush University in Chicago found home cooking caused chefs to use more unhealthy ingredients and in turn increase the likelihood of health problems. Home cooking can also increase weight gain […]

U.K. Researchers Examine Potential Weight Loss Method


Scientists from the Imperial College London and the University of Glasgow might have come up with a way to combat weight gain. Researchers looked at the effects of a fatty acid named propionate, a component that makes the body think the diner is full. Propionate […]

Coffee Drinkers Could Face Lower Diabetes Risk


A new study claims coffee might lower the risk of diabetes. In a study of 9,000 people, the data found three cups of coffee or tea helped lower the risk of diabetes. The study comes out of the University College London. Researchers uncovered coffee and […]

CDC Warns of a Severe Flu Season


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention delivered some disappointing news about this year’s flu season. Health experts are warning of a rough flu season due to mutations and a particularly infectious flu strain. CDC officials also pointed out the influenza vaccine was produced […]

Scientists Believe Aisle Seats on Planes Could Make You Sick


Air passengers frequently request window seats but aisle seats are also desired over the dreaded middle seat. However, scientists are now claiming that an aisle seat selection might make you sick. Experts say the aisle seat puts passengers at an increased risk of getting sick, […]