New Study Links Citrus Fruits to Melanoma


Researchers believe that there might be a link between too much orange juice and citrus and an increased risk of skin cancer. Doctors discovered that some citrus fruits were connected to melanoma. HealthDay reports that one glass of orange juice each day can up a […]

Middle Aged Women Plagued by High-Heeled Shoe Condition


New figures from the Health and Social Care Information Center suggest that more and more middle-aged women are battling a painful problem connected to wearing high heels. In the last ten years, the cases of Morton’s neuroma have increased by 115 percent. Morton’s neuroma is […]

Personal Trainer Encourages Carbs For Balanced Diet


While some personal trainers might tell you to resist carbohydrates, others like Grace Lavinia are saying to embrace them. Carbohydrates have held a bad reputation lately, especially with fad diets like Atkins and Paleo instructing dieters not to eat carbs. However, some personal trainers like […]

Back Pain Drugs Could Be Contributing to Infertility


Doctors are cautioning women looking to get pregnant from taking many popular drugs used to treat back pain. Researchers have discovered that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs significantly halt ovulation. Known as NSAIDs, this group of drugs is used by more than 30 million people each day. […]

New Study Associates Breastfeeding with Higher Intelligence


Breastfeeding has previously been proven to help infants fend of infectious diseases and even reduce mortality rates. However, a new study is lending even more reason for mother’s to breastfeed, showing it can be associated with a smarter child. Previous studies have found breastfeeding increases […]