Gut Bacteria Could Explain Weight Loss and Gain


Researchers at Cornell University have honed in on a family of bacteria that may dictate if you are lean or overweight. The family of microbes deemed Christensenellaceae helps one stay thin. Scientists also point out genes play a role in the presence of the bacteria. […]

Study Finds Running Might Help Prevent Osteoarthritis


Scientists believe running regularly might cut down on a person’s chance of experiencing osteoarthritis. A new study claims those who run habitually don’t in turn increase their chances of developing the painful disease as previous studies have claimed. Previously, health experts had cautioned runners due […]

Pillows Might Harbor Bacteria and Mold


Each night, many rest their heads on pillows without giving the objects too much thought. However, those fluffy perches that are essential for a good night’s rest might be harboring bacteria, fungus and mold. Studies have examined pillows to find ideal environments for bacteria, fungus, […]

Penicillin Allergic Might Not Be According to New Study


New research believes the majority of those who think they are allergic to penicillin are actually quite the opposite. Nearly 95 per cent of people who thought they had a penicillin allergy did not test positive during an allergy test. Many experts believe that patients […]

Doctors Worry About Dangers of Having Rare Blood Type


Blood types are not as cut and dry as A, AB, B and O. Scientists and doctors are cautioning people about the different varieties within larger grouped blood types and how some are extremely rare. The surface of blood cells are lined with antigens. The […]